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Coventry Observer

BlogThe Coventry Observer advertising is one of the more common methods for advertising in Coventry. The paper is long standing and provides news for the city and has some long standing relationships with advertisers. Advertising with Coventry Observer can be as cheap or as costly as you require, with adverts ranging greatly in size, the productivity and cost of your advertising largely depends on the amount of budget you can throw at it.

        Price guide: Full page - £3,932 per WEEK
        Setup Cost: £FREE
        Setup Length: 1 - 7 Days
        Difficulty: Medium
        Audience Size: Large
        PROS: Well established paper with a wide variety of advertising options
        CONS: Costs can very quickly add up  - traditional and not very exciting
        Authors comment: A very standard way of advertising, not really for the new or startup                             businesses, effectiveness is purely down to your advert/size - get advice
Price Band: Medium - High Category: Print/Paper Updated: June 2011

Coventry Times

The Coventry Times is one of the most established free papers in the area. Coventry  times offers slightly more offardable advertising options that the bigger paid for newspapers with reasonably high distribution. The paper covers the normal local area stuff and offers small local business's advertising oppertunities. 

        Price guide: Full Page - £2,000 per WEEK
        Setup Cost: £FREE
        Setup Length: 7 - 14 Days
        Difficulty: Medium - Hard
        Audience Size: Medium - Large
        PROS: High distribution with lower costs that the paid for newspapers
        CONS:  The normal 'free paper' stigma is attached
        Authors comment: A good starting place to test the waters when it comes to newspaper                       advertising. As with all free papers, ask yourself, do I read this paper? I so, will your potential                 customers?

        www. comming soon
Price Band: High Category: Print/Paper Updated: June 2011

Coventry Advertiser

The Coventry Advertiser is designed to purely deliver an advertising method within Coventry. It is offers low cost advertising for local business's howver this is not a publication that people pick up in order to read the latest news in Coventry.  Emphasis is on the advertising and publications consits of little more than a load of advertising.

        Price guide: Full page £160 - £250 per month
        Setup Cost: £FREE
        Setup Length: 1 -7 Days
        Difficulty: Easy
        Audience Size: Small - Medium
        PROS: Cheap and most advertisers get exclusivitiy in their catagory
        CONS:  The majoirty of people will only read this if they would like to 'read some advertising'
        Authors comment: Unlikely to play any major role in an advertising campaign, I would personally         not pick up a publication to read some advertising and worry that other's are unlikely to either.
Price Band: High Category: Print/Paper Updated: June 2011

Coventry Telegraph

The Coventry telegraph offers a great range of advertising in Coventry for business's and indeviduals. It's daily print ensures that it has a strong following/readership and many people read this publication every day. They have a wide variety of articles from the local area and offer a great insight into local news.

        Price guide: Full page - £3,000 per WEEK
        Setup Cost: £FREE
        Setup Length: 1 - 7 Days
        Difficulty: Medium - Hard
        Audience Size: Large
        PROS: Well designed publication with a good following
        CONS: The Telegraph is part of a group of publications and the sheer number of options can be            a little much.
        Authors comment: Recommendation here is to speak with them in depth about all the options            that are available to advertisers. Making a final deicision on where, how often, what size and                  what to advertise can be tricky.

Price Band: High Category: Print/Paper Updated: June 2011


125x125 Ad Banner 125x125 Ad Banner

125x125 Ad Banner125x125 Ad Banner 

Printed Advertising Tip

Don't expect one large well placed advert to do well and get massive results. Remember it is said that it takes a reader an average of 17 times look at a printed advert before it registers with them.                              


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